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King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of the King Khalid University Rector, the University Vice-President for Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Merzin Al-Shahrani, sponsored the “talent leading" initiative, which was organized by the Talent, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Center at the University, with the participation of the Labor Office and the Social Development Bank in the Asir Region.

Upon his arrival, Dr. Al-Shahrani was briefed on the exhibition accompanying the event. It included a number of remarkable projects submitted by talented students under the auspices of the Center for Talent, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the Director of the Center, Dr. Mohammed Al-Maghrabi, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the Vice-President, the attendees, representatives of the Labor Office, and the Social Development Bank, praising their participation and their efforts in supporting the university and its students.

Al-Maghraby emphasized that the center always seeks to highlight the extraordinary talents of students by turning them from just an idea into a reality. He further asserted that the center is always keen to exploit opportunities at the university and beyond by supporting exceptionally talented students,  encouraging them, and providing facilities that optimize their creativity.

After that, a presentation was made to the audience about the Center for Talent, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. The presentation showed the mission, vision, and tasks of the center, in addition to its objectives and achievements.

Al Shahrani: The University strives to highlight and enhance talent in precise alignment with Vision 2030.


In his speech, Dr. Merzin Al-Shahrani expressed his happiness with the achievements of the Center of talent, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship, thanking the sponsors for their efforts and their support. He also thanked the Association of Culture and Arts in Abha for actively participating in training and harnessing the talents of the university in precise alignment with Vision 2030. Dr. Al-Shahrani further pointed out that the talented students in the university have recently won international awards, and this indicates the impressive progress the university has made in this regard. In a closing note, Dr. Al-Shahrani thanked the Rector of the University for his continuous support to serve talented students at the university, and all those who are in charge of the center.

This event is the first edition and will continue periodically in the future. The event also included a two-part exhibition for male and female students, which included a number of talents such as photography, drawing, editing, makeup and gift-wrapping.

Holds Talent Leading Initiative
King Khalid University, Media Center

The Organizing Committee of the First Theater Festival of Saudi Universities, which will be hosted by King Khalid University from the 10th to the 14th of December, has unveiled the features of the festival, which is considered the first of its kind that gathers innovators in the theatre field in Saudi Universities in the presence of the Minister of Education, His Excellency, Dr. Ahmed Al-Issa. In a press conference held yesterday evening at the branch of the Association of Culture and Arts in Abha, the Committee pointed out that this festival, which will be attended by nine theater groups representing a number of Saudi Universities, formed to activate the partnership agreement between the University and the Association of Culture and Arts in Abha.

The Festival Director, Dr. Mohammed Al-Mubarak, asserted that it would be a platform to showcase the university students’ creativity and to invest in their potential and theater skills. He added with certainty that it will enhance the student’s self-confidence and develop teamwork skills. The Director further praised the great support that the festival receives from the Governor of the Aseer Region, His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul-Aziz and from His Excellency the Minister of Education, who was keen to attend the opening ceremony.

For his part, the Vice-President of the Festival, who is also the Director of the Culture and Arts Association, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sarawi, said that the Association of Culture and Arts in Abha is pleased to participate with the University in organizing this festival, which is a definite qualitative shift of theatrical activity in the Aseer region in particular and in the Kingdom in general.

For the preparations that have been done for the success of the festival, the Director of the festival stated, during the press conference, that during the period of receiving the submissions, 19 performances were presented by different universities throughout the Kingdom. Nine of them were accepted after being evaluated by the Viewing Committee including the performance of King Khalid University. Mr. Al-Mubarak stressed that accepted performances were implemented only by University students. He added that the performances would occur in three theaters, including the King Khalid Theater, Qaryqar, Laasan Theater and the Community College Theater in Mahala.

Regarding the participating universities, Mr. Al-Mubarak pointed out that The University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University participated in a play entitled "Al-Kataytab", King Faisal University in a play named "Al-Haqiqi", the University of Taiba with a play named "Thoqob" and the University of Jeddah with "Don’t Shot on a SnapShot." King Faisal University participated with a play named "Al-Hasemah" the University of Jazan with "Station Does not Leave," King Khalid University with "Beyond the Darkness," King Saud University with "Makasson" and Taif University with "Coffin." Mr. Al-Mubarak further revealed that the festival will honor several influential figures in the fields of University Theater and Saudi Theater in general, and there will be practical seminars after each presentation, in addition to two seminars about the theater, the first on University Theater and the other on Saudi Theater, presented by a number of specialists in the field of theater, in addition to many other accompanying events.

In response to a media question about the expected participation, Dr. Maree El Habash said that the number of students participation throughout the Kingdom exceeds 100 students and that the theaters of performances accepted all categories of society.

About the partnership with the Culture and Arts Association, Al-Habash commented that it is considered one of the most successful partnerships and memorandums of understanding signed by the University in the field of the theater because of the expertise of the association. He added that the University is interested in developing the skills of its students through theatrical activity and providing many specialized courses in directing, acting and writing dramatic texts to refine the students' abilities.

As for the caveats that may obscure any participation, Al-Habash explained that the university has opened the way for all performances that do not contradict the values, customs and public morals that do not affect the public opinion, stressing the commitment of all participants to do so by presenting them to the viewing committee. He further related that he wishes the festival will continue in all Saudi Universities in the future.

As for the standards and technical requirements of the shows, the Vice-President of the Festival, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sarawi, confirmed that they conform to all of the requirements and standards known in theatrical festivals in the Kingdom. Among these standards is that the show must be suitable for the youth recipient category with a minimum acceptable technical level. One-artist shows were declined due to the difficulty of evaluation next to other group performances. Lastly, the participation of the theater of the child was declined as it doesn’t meet with the target group young people.

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