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King Khalid University, Media Center

The official spokesman of the King Khalid University (KKU), Mr. Fahd Tanomah has announced that the resolution to exempt participanting students in the decisive storm from the payment of study fees - in parallel education programs, Tajseer, and training courses - is continuous for this semester, too, as a continuation to what had been done last semester.

Mr. Tanomah stressed that the University would never retreat on its promise. He stated, "The University's resolution is clear and irreversible. The one who submits official documents that prove his involvement in the decisive storm will be exempted directly from the payment of fees.  And the one who paid earlier - before the resolution - will be refunded as what had been conducted in the last academic year.

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King Khalid University, Media Center.

King Khalid University (KKU), represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs launched last week, a convoy entitled "With decisiveness, hope returns" which was arranged by the Voluntary Work Club. The purpose of the convoy was to support and sustain the brave soldiers in the southern border who sacrifice themselves for the sake of religion and the homeland.

Attending the launching of the convoy, the Rector of the University Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad AlDawood and a considerable number of the University Vice - Presidents, the Deans of health faculties, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Merria Saad Al-Habash, and a number of the Vice - Presidents of Student Affairs Deanship.

After the launching, the convoy, led by the Rector, headed to its first of the destinations; a field visit to the Armed Forces Hospital in Khamis Mushayt. There, the delegation of the University was received by the hospital Director and a number of doctors and officers. During the visit, the delegation reassured the injured soldiers in the various sections of the hospital of their supports at all times. In return, the visit had a positive impression on our brave soldiers.

In the next day, the convoy which now included students headed, to Dhahran Al-Janoub to visit the soldiers stationed on the Saudi - Yemeni border at Alab port. The delegation was received by a number of officers and individuals, led by His Excellency the Commander of the Border Guards in Dhahran Al-Janoub. Furthermore, the convoy presented gifts to the soldiers in addition to the spiritual support.

In turn, the leadership of border guards provided the delegation with armored and modern cars which are designed and equipped with the latest technology against any possible attacks. After that, the delegation headed on, to visit the soldiers who were stationed on the front lines. It is noteworthy that the delegation which visited Dhahran Al-Janoub was headed by His Excellency the President of the Student Clubs at King Khalid University, Prof. Raed Al-Qahtani.

For their part, a number of visiting students expressed their pride in what they saw of the advanced weapons and equipments in the possession of our soldiers. They also admired the high spiritual spirit that distinguished our soldiers who are stationed on the border. They prayed to God to preserve our dear country from all harm.

"With decisiveness, hope returns" aims to support and sustain our brave soldiers.
Media Center - King Khalid University

King Khalid University represented by the Deanship of Students Affairs hosted the Secretary General of the Council of Senior Scholars, His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Fahad bin Saad Al-Majid, who delivered a lecture entitled 'Decisive Storm and Flag Banner: Messages from science and knowledge'. The lecture was presented yesterday in the main campus's auditorium, Abha. Dr. Al Majid explained the importance of this lecture especially at such a University that is interested in science and knowledge. He stressed on the strong relationship between Decisive Storm and Flag Banner, which this lecture is about, and pointed the need for clarifying and discussing it. He mentioned that everyone who works in the academic fields is considered a soldier and protector of the nation, even if he / she was not in battlefield.

Sheikh Majid also extrapolated about the lecture from Repentance (Surah Al taubah) through 9 messages addressed to the audience. These massages included how the power of science comes after the strong beliefs (faith force) and the imperative form for learning in Repentance (surah Al taubah) came in a similar imperative form of Al Jihad. Moreover, he pointed out that the existing right of the duty of education is equivalent to the right based on Al Jihad, thus clarifying the importance of education. He directed the attention of the audience to how Almighty God granted human beings the learning tools such as ears, eyes and heart. Additionally, he stressed on how human beings are naturally born with the ability to believe (faith).

In his seventh message, Sheikh Al Majid clarified how human beings know about the nature of their life and how that opens the prospects for learning in various areas of life. The 8th message summarized that the universal knowledge consists of wisdom and Sunan (practices), and these are described as the wings of knowledge. In the last message, the sheikh pointed out that knowledge was, is and will continue to be the supplying force of human life, as it was,  as it is and as it will in future.    

King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of the Rector of King Khalid University, the University Vice - President for Health Specialties, Dr. Khalid Al Jelban sponsored a seminar entitled "our youth and the Decisive Storm". The Seminar which was organized by the Medical and Creativity Club took place in the central Stands at the university Headquarter in Abha.  The seminar was presented by both the Head of Information and Communication Department of the University, Dr. Ali bin Shuweil Al-Qarni, and the Dean of Community Services and Continuing Education, Dr. Mubarak Hamdan. The event was attended by the University Vice - President for Development and Quality, Dr. Ahmed Aljbaili, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, and with the attendance of approximately 200 students and faculty members.

The seminar began with a word given by Dr. Al Jelban in which he thanked the guests. He also thanked the Medical and creativity Club for their distinctive activities this year, which had a large impact inside and outside the university.

For his part, the guest at the seminar, Dr. Ali Al-Qarni gave a word about the "New Media and crisis" in which he presented a definition to the role of the new media, and how it is increasing rapidly.  He also mentioned the role of the youth in the new media and how they represent the largest segment of its users. Al-Qarni cited a number of examples of new media and its importance and impact on all communities. He also spoke about the beginning of creating some websites and social networking. Moreover, Al-Qarni stressed on the importance of strengthening the spirit of citizenship when dealing with new media, taking into consideration the Islamic values and national social unity.

Dr. Mubarak Hamdan, the Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education also gave a word about "Youth's role towards internal security during the Decisive Storm", stressing on the importance of the role of youth in the development of the country. Dr. Hamdan further stressed on the importance of maintaining national unity and instilling the values of citizenship and belonging to this great nation, in addition to guiding the youth to raise the cultural and social levels of the nation, and to take advantage of the great potential that is provided by the state to its nationals. Dr. Hamdan concluded his word by stressing on the seriousness of the dissemination of information, photos, videos, and rumors that may jeopardize the security of the nation.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency the President of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Dawood has inaugurated a medical seminar entitled "medical crews to support the Decisive Storm". The seminar took place in the University headquarter in Abha and was attended by Colonel Ayed Al Mardi of the armed forces, in addition to the University Vice - presidents, deans of health colleges, and a large number of students and employees of the health sector - both public and private  - from all over the region.

The President of the University started the seminar with a speech in which he thanked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, on his courageous decision taken on the "Decisive Storm". The President also thanked all the employees of the health colleges in the university, saying "the university and its employees are ready to serve the nation as well as all those in the Decisive Storm." President Al Dawood also confirmed that the university with all its stakeholders were ready to support and serve the members of the armed forces in all the border areas. The President promised that there would be lectures and field visits of the university leaders to the border sites, in addition to paying visits to the injured in the area hospitals.

For his part, the representative of the university in the campaign - the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine - Dr. Abdullah Asiri clarified that the participation of the university came from several segments represented in the health colleges. He said, "crews of Saudi consultants in all medical, surgical, nursing, and pharmacy specialties were recruited in order to serve the members of the armed forces."

The seminar began with a lecture about the effectiveness of psychological preparation about disasters provided by Dr. Hassan Al-Amri. It was followed by another lecture - about disaster management - presented by Dr. Ali Sbani, and yet another one on disaster injuries, presented by Dr. Mohammed Pawahb. Also, the seminar included a lecture about sorting disaster Victims, which was presented by Dr. Hassan Al-Zahrani, as well as a lecture on the airway given by Dr. Ali Alpeshabshi. Other lectures include one given by Dr. Kamran Al-Bukhari which was about the maxillofacial injuries. Dr. Saleh Al-Ghamdi gave a lecture as well on the chest and abdominal injuries, while Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naami gave a lecture on neurological injuries. During the seminar, there was a lecture presented by Dr. Abdullah Raúzh which was about orthopedic injuries. The seminar continued with a lecture by Dr. Vinod Snq about children injuries, and another lecture about explosion injuries which was presented by Dr. Abdullah Alheizei. The seminar was concluded with a lecture on the rehabilitation of the injured in disasters, which was presented by Dr. Jaya Shankar.

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University initiated - at its pavilion in the exhibition accompanying the 6th International Conference on Higher Education, which is being held in Riyadh - a photographic studio to support our leadership and the soldiers who are participating in the Decisive Storm mission. The idea received a big response from many visitors expressing through their participation in the studio of university their support to the mission. The university has allocated area of photographing with a banner carrying the hashtag (# Asfah_alhzm) as an image of support for the Decisive Storm mission. The idea has received a large turnout of visitors of all ages and nationalities, who support the wise governmental decision, as well as supporting the soldiers involved.

It is noteworthy that the university initiated this idea just to deliver a message of societal support to the soldiers; especially in such event that is witnessed by the most important segment of the community - the youth. The university noted that the visitors who have been photographed with the banner could view the photos through the official university account on the Social network "Twitter"

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the patronage of the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Al-Dawood, health colleges of the university will hold a medical symposium entitled: "The Medical crews support the Decisive Storm". The action will take place in the University City in Abha on  Monday, (01/07/1436 AH) from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm.

The symposium is directed to all employees in the health sector - government and private, - in addition to all the students. The symposium will be conducted and overseen by a group of university professors and workers in the health sector, and discussions will be in the English language. Moreover, live broadcasting will be available at women's location in the University Center for the Study of Girls students in Al-Samer.

It is noteworthy that the symposium will discuss several important topics, including: disaster management, the psychological preparation for disaster, injuries of brain and nerves, injuries of bones and fractures, ear, nose and throat injuries, infections of urinary tract, respiratory system infections, injuries of blood vessels, in addition to child injuries, burns and methods of sorting.

King Khalid University-Media Center

King Khalid University, represented by the health colleges is participating in the "Decisive Storm" by providing a number of medical services to our brave soldiers on the southern border. The university intends to provide more than 200 consultants and specialists, beside a number of interns and technicians students to participate in providing the soldiers with the necessary medical services. In addition, the university is going to arrange shifts and schedules for the teams working in all hospitals in the region, including the border hospitals. The move is within the relentless pursuit of the university to support the "Decisive Storm"

The Medical School is participating with a team of medical staff which consists of a number of Saudi consultants and surgeons in all surgical specialties, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Gynecology and Childbirth. The Vice - Dean for Clinical Affairs of Medical School, Dr. Ali bin Obaid Al-peshashi has been assigned to prepare a schedule of shifts and to fully coordinate to ensure the success of this initiative. Moreover, the Medical School is participating with 100 interns who got necessary training from the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Hassan bin Mohammed Al Mousa, the Head of Family and Community Medicine department has been assigned to oversee this task.

For its part, the Faculty of Dentistry is participating with 8 consultants in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, a number of Interns, in addition to the Mobile Dentistry Unit with its crew in case of need. The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahrani has been assigned to oversee this task.

According to the Faculty of Pharmacy, it is participating in this regard with a team which consists of 7 specialists. The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Adel Hazzani has been assigned to oversee this task.

In turn, the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences is participating with 40 Radiology Specialist, 40 specialist from the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, in addition to participating with a full medical rehabilitation clinic for post-injury. Dr. Khalid Al-Ahmari has been assigned to oversee this task. Finally, the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Khamis Mushayt is participating with 10 of the faculty members and 25 internship nursing specialists. Dr. Msheeal Al- Olayani has been assigned to oversee this task.

King Khalid University, Media Center

More than 500 students, faculty members, and staff of King Khalid University (KKU) have participated in the mural, which carried the name of "the Decisive Storm". The mural was allocated by the Student Activities in the Faculty of Engineering, as a reflection of a message of love and loyalty to our brave soldiers on our southern border.

For his part, the Supervisor of Student Activities Engineer Osama Msheebh stated that this initiative "is the least we can do to express our appreciation to the heroes of our homeland who provided the most valuable and the most precious assets - their lives - to defend our territory, our properties, and our holy places." He added, "Choosing the name "Decisive Storm" as a title to the mural, was just after the Arabian initiative launched by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud; to defend the legitimacy of the government of Yemen."

It is noteworthy that this mural, after completion, will be transferred to the front site on the border to deliver a message from every citizen to our brave soldiers there: We are watching you, supporting you and encouraging you. We know what the heroic deed you are performing.


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