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King Khalid University, Media Center

Earlier today, on behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz, the Rector of King Khalid University, Dr. Faleh Bin Raja Allah Al-Solamy, inaugurated the Sixth Health Awareness and Educational Program in Belasmer.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Rector Al-Solamy expressed sincere thanks to His Royal Highness the Governor of the region for his patronage, avid interest, and generous support of this program. Rector Al-Solamy further stressed that the university would not delay in providing its services to the community. Finally, he thanked all the employees of the university who are working on the success of the program.

Al-Solamy confirmed that the program had achieved great success in previous years as a result of close coordination with the Emirate of the Asir, colleges, and deanships of the university. In support and recognition of the event, Al-Solamy noted the program for this year comes with many improvements, and it will be held from 5 Jumada II until the 19th of Rajab this year. This year, the program includes consultative visits from the College of Medicine.  

Rector Al-Solamy added that the program aims to reach the largest segment of society in those provinces, detailing that there will be a final week in the province of Belasmer. Al-Solamy also thanked all participants in the health program, which he promised would continue in the coming years.

In his speech, the University Vice-President for Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Merzin Al-Shahrani,  said, "The program comes as a recognition of the university to provide distinguished services to all individuals and institutions in the Asir region.  It is in line with the vision and mission of the University, which is based on three axes: education, research, and community service."

Al-Shahrani emphasized that the program includes specialized medical and therapeutic convoys, in addition to education and awareness activities for which the university will harness all its capabilities and staff. 48 lectures in number will be held in the faculties of boys and girls, 29 in government departments, 24 sermons, 10 lectures on women's Quran memorization, and 30 lectures in mosques. 

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solamy thanked men and women who contributed to the success of the 5th health awareness and educational program. The program was held in Alharidh Center in Rijal Alma'e province. Participants had deep impact in the provision of the services of the program for the Alharidh community and its affiliated centers

This was stated yesterday morning in His Excellency's speech in the ceremony of honoring the participants of the employees of the university from various faculties and departments. Rector Al Solamy pointed out that the program's services touched the needs of the community, which is considered one of the main objectives of the university; providing high community services. He further stressed the last 5 rounds of the health educational program were held various provinces and centers in the region. There are a competition and desire of these centers to re-host the program and it is a clear evidence of the success of the program thanks to God and thanks to the holders' efforts. He said, "I look forward to extrapolate all of your comments on what to do in previous rounds in order to be developed"

King Khalid University, Media Center

A 20-year-old girl suffers cystic fibroid was diagnosed in the University health program in Alhraidh. The Chest Consultant of the Faculty of Medicine in the King Khalid University, Dr. Bader Al-Ghamdi, clarified that diagnosis showed that the patient suffered from a genetic defect that affects genes. He indicated that it is a rare case in the Middle East but not in the West. He clarified that the girl was suffering from pulmonary cysts and a pancreatic disorder, which affected growth process and awareness as well, as it results in a lack of vitamins in the body.

When Dr. Al-Ghamdi asked about the illness history of this case, he turned out that the patient was unconscious of what is going around her. He knew also that she was not praying and was able to keep nothing of the Holy Quran. Dr. Al-Ghamdi indicated that cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease (i.e. transmitted from parents to children through genes), and mainly affects the lungs and pancreas, and it may affect other organs such as the liver. This disease also results in clogging pancreas channels that secrete digestive enzymes of fat, protein, and thus affect absorption through the intestines, causing problems of malnutrition, abdominal distension, and constipation.

Dr. Al-Ghamdi pointed out that the disease is difficult to treat, being a genetic defect but the patient could take some vitamins to correct the track. The patient has been referred to Asir Central Hospital, to arrange her a better level of diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Al-Ghamdi finally concluded that in such cases, we may have to implant lungs.

King Khalid University, Media Center

A heavy turnout on dermatology clinic in the University health program in Alhraidh

Barefoot walking and direct contact with livestock are most important reasons for the spread of skin diseases in Alharidh Center

HE supervisor on the pharmacy of King Khalid 5th Health and Awareness Program, who is also the director of the outpatient department of the Medical City, Prof. Ayed Asiri has stated that it has been observed that a lot of medicines for skin diseases have been prescribed for the people of Alharidh, its nearby and affiliates villages. Therefore, he deduced that there is a problem the region suffers in general.

For his part, Dr. Yahya Araqbi, the Dermatology clinic Specialist confirmed that many cases suffering from skin diseases have been registered, pointing out that it occasionally happens for coast-inhabited population due to the geographical location and climate. He explained that the majority of the cases was suffering from skin allergies.

Dr. Araqbi pointed out that skin allergy that was noticed in the region resulted from permanently-barefoot walking, which may cause many other skin diseases. He added that another reason for the causality of skin diseases in the region was the close contact with livestock. Dr. Araqbi concluded that the majority of diseases were chronic as a result of the previous reasons.

Dr. Araqbi complained about the lack of dermatology specialists in the region, the thing that doubles the problem, as well as the people's lack of awareness of skin disease and its seriousness. He also noticed that people were not committed to using medicines.

It is noteworthy that the pharmacy that is participating in the health program of the University has more than 200 items of medicines, which are prescribed for free. The pharmacy contains many important items. Most notably are medicines for chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease and blood vessels), antibiotics, and painkillers. It was remarkable the patients' turnout on dermatology medicines, Internal medicine, followed by medicines for chronic diseases.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Within the activities of the 5th health program that is being held nowadays in rejal Alma'e Province exactly in Alhraidh Center, more than 120 cases have visited the smoking clinic.

The Supervisor on the clinic, Mr. Saeed Zoufer has clarified that the purpose of establishing such clinic is to provide clear information about tobacco and its derivatives, in addition to the harms of drugs and liquors.

Mr. Zoufer added that they depend on the Silver Spike point instrument in the treatment process. The instrument helps to stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete endorphin hormone, specifically (beta endorphins) which contributes to the expulsion of nicotine through urine, sweat, and feces. Mr. Zoufer finally clarified that smoker is subject to five therapeutic sessions. 

King Khalid University, Media Center

The 5th health program of King Khalid University, which is being held in Alharidh these days has referred a number of critical cases to public hospitals surrounding Alharidh Province including Asir Central Hospital, Al –Qahma Hospital, in addition to Mahyel Public Hospital.

A critical case for an elderly man suffering from a renal pain was referred to Asir Public Hospital. After doing necessary investigations, it became clear that he was suffering from renal pelvic dilation resulting from the existence of two large stones. The kidney was 3.5 cm.

Another case was referred to Asir Public Hospital. The case was for a patient who was suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, and a disease in the tissues of the lungs. Thus, necessary investigations were conducted on him and results showed that he was suffering from an intensive malfunction in lungs.

The clinics of the program also discovered a case for an elderly who was suffering from hypertension, palpitation, pleural effusion, and dyspnea. Needed investigations were conducted and it became clear how critical was his case, so he was referred in an ambulance to Al-Qahma Public Hospital.

There was another case of a 20-year-old girl who was suffering from dyspnea, palpitation, in addition to cardiac valves problems. By conducting investigations, it became clear that there was a possibility of the congenital cardiologist. Thus, the case was referred to a pediatric cardiologist in Asir Public Hospital.    

King Khalid University, Media Center

Nowadays, King Khalid University is holding its 5th health, educational, and awareness program which takes place in Rijal Alma'e Province in Alharidh. During diagnosis, Doctors have discovered a patient suffering from a rare disease known scientifically as visual vertigo and another patient suffering from Migraine Associated Dizziness disease.

The Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, the Consultant of inner ear infections, Dr. Khalid Al-Ahmari explained that visual vertigo is a state of dizziness and imbalance while walking in crowded places, in the mosque or markets, with a feeling of dizziness with the vision of the surrounding things like spin or rising and falling, leading to inability to save the balance of body and the patient falls. The disease cause weakness in the function of the inner ear. The patient who was found suffering from visual vertigo transferred to the rehabilitation clinic of inner ear disorders, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at the university to complete the stages of treatment, which lasts six weeks.

Dr. Ahmari added that another rare case was diagnosed with Migraine Associated Dizziness disease. It is migraine headaches concurrently with severe dizziness, and disorder of the inner ear and the patient would be unable to balance and walk normally. The case has been diagnosed and treated in the camp and transferred to complete treatment in the university clinics.

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University (KKU) has provided health services to more than 870 beneficiaries, through its 5th health awareness and educational program which takes place in Alharidh Center. In addition, the University has provided, through the program, lectures, seminars and training, awareness, and educational sessions for the children and families of Alharidh, villages, and its affiliates.

Consultancy specialized clinics of the Faculty of Medicine have received 238 cases since the start of the program until the second morning. A case of a man suffering from a problem with the heart valves and a sharp drop in the pulse of the heart was converted to Asir Hospital. Another case of was for a man suffering from a sharp pain in his right side, and after making sound waves rays, it became clear that there is an expansion in the ureter, and the emergence of a large gallstone, so it was necessary to transfer the case to Al Qahma Hospital.

The clinics of the Dentistry College also have checked 236 cases who received appropriate treatment services, passed through several stages, including diagnostics, cleaning, and treatment of dislocation and roots, as well as outreach services.

The College of Applied Medical Sciences has provided services to more than 179 patients through laboratories, sound waves rays, ear rehabilitation clinic, back and neck, and arthritis.

Optometry Clinic also received 73 cases, who were checked by Dr. Bandar Aldhlak and Dr. Yahya Al Filqa. The clinic transferred seven cases of cataract to Mahayel General Hospital.

The program also provides a pharmacy supervised by the Medical University City, distributed through which medications to the beneficiaries of the program services.  Beneficiaries numbered more than 150, and the pharmacy includes about 200 varieties of medicines, most notable are drugs for chronic diseases, antibiotics analgesics and skin diseases, allergies, medications eyes and obstetrics, and gynecology, in addition to arthritis and rheumatism medications, digestive and urinary tract medications, as well as medicines for emergency cases. The Medical City of the University is also offering services in the program through a medical supply for all clinics of the program.

It is noteworthy that the program received 57 students from Omar bin Abdul-Aziz Primary School in Alharidh.  Tests and treatment services and underwent, as well as an awareness lecture on oral health. Mr. Talal Shalawi and Mr. Shadi also carried out a training course in basic first aid for about 70 students from Al Fahad Secondary School in Alharidh.

King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of His Highness the Governor of Asir Province, Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul-Aziz, may God protect him, His Excellency King Khalid University Rector Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al solamy has opened, on Sunday evening the 8th of jumadh Al-Awal, the university 5th Health Awareness and educational program which is being held in Alharidh center in the province of Rijal Alma'e. The event is going to be held over a week in the presence of Rijal Alma'e Province Governor, Saleh Al-Fardan.

In a word during the opening ceremony, Rector Al Solamy expressed his sincere thanks to His Highness the Governor of the region on the sponsorship of this program, which enjoys great interest and direct support of His Highness, in addition to the support from senior administration and university colleges. Rector Al Solamy stressed that the university will not be delayed in providing its services to the community, and this program is part of its duty towards society. The KKU Rector thanked all the employees of the university who participated in holding this program. He also thanked the staff of Alharidh Center and the province of Rijal Alma'e for their cooperation with the university and overcoming the difficulties which faced the university while providing its services to the people of the center and the villages. Rector Al Solamy hoped the program could achieve major successes in its fifth round, like previous years, and to be organized better in the coming years.

Al Fardan: the program is one of the leading programs that contributes to the education and awareness of the people of Alharidh

For his part, and on behalf of the people of Alharidh Center, the Governor of Rejal Alma'e, Saleh Al Fardan thanked King Khalid University for its deep impact in providing excellent community services, adding that the program is one of the leading programs that contributes to the education and awareness of the people of Alharidh. Finally, the Governor of Rejal Alma'e wished that everyone benefits from the establishment of such activities, God willing.

The Deputy General Supervisor of the program, Dr. Fuad Abag explained that the university organizes this event for the fifth consecutive year, making it highly experienced in the provision of health awareness and educational services with high quality, wishing that the King Khalid University could manage to provide services to the people of Alharidh. Dr. Abag pointed out that the program includes specialized medical and therapeutic convoys and distinctive educational and awareness programs for which the University harnesses all of its resources and staff (More than 260 members of the University's academic, specialized, administrative, and technical cadres. Events will witness a number of service and operational activities, in addition to a number of mobile clinics and various types needed appliances with a pharmacy which offers a number of free medicines, in addition to a number of medical clinics to provide all the necessary services, as well as a number of rays' laboratories. The program will provide lectures, visual presentations, training courses, field surveys, workshops, and speeches in mosques.

Al Solamy sponsors the 5th Health Awareness educational Program in the University
King Khalid University, Media Center

Dr. Rashad Abdul Hamid, the Physical Therapy Consultant at King Khalid University who is among the medical staff in the university health, educational, and awareness program, which was held from 14 to 19 of this month in Trban center in the province of Majardh, has discovered the real reason behind the suffering of a Sudanese resident. The patient suffers from severe electric shock when his clothes or his shoes come into contact with certain sites of his body, forcing him not to be able to wear his own clothing. Dr. Abdul Hamid explained that the Sudanese resident attended the clinic at the program, suffering from severe electric shock when he wears his clothes, which made the doctor to look intensively for the reason for his condition. After examination, it became clear that the patient was suffering from pressure on a nerve at the level of the fifth lumbar vertebrae. Dr. Abdul Hamid said, "The patient has been transferred to physical therapy clinic, to conduct necessary examinations and to receive appropriate treatment"

On the other hand, another patient suffering from chronic diseases (sugar and pressure), has been transferred to Asir Central Hospital. The patient also suffers from inflation in the lower abdomen and skin ulcers. The report also pointed out that the patient is suffering from giant warts, so it was a must to transfer the case to the Central Hospital of Asir.

The clinics associated with the program transferred more than 10 cases to Asir Central Hospital because of their need for super-advanced medical care. There were also home visits to a group of patients. One of the cases that were treated at home was for an old lady who was transferred to Asir Central Hospital due to suspected tumor in the pancreas. Another visit was paid to a patient suffering from fragility in the bones, and he was given necessary medications.  Also, a 5 year old child was transferred to nose and throat clinic of the Asir Central Hospital. The patient was suffering from a tumor in the front of the neck, and complains of pain, and pressure on the throat, and difficulty in swallowing.


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